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Creartdesigitaly products are made from non-toxic materials and are environmentally friendly. 

Even the inks, normally the Achilles’ heel in the manufacture of products, do not release VOCs, substances that are harmful to animals and the environment, and therefore it is also a greener print, attentive to the needs of nature.

Our materials

Plexiglass is a plastic material, more correctly defined as “methacrylate”, which hides within it properties that are particularly useful for home furnishing. Plexiglass, as incredible as it may seem, is more transparent than glass, it is fireproof, moreover it weighs much less than glass (about half as much) and is resistant to impact, and can reach the point of being less unbreakable than glass.

Nowadays many objects of everyday life are created with this material because its processing is comparable to that of wood, and this allows you to quickly create shapes and panels without having to resort to particularly sophisticated tools.

The plexiglass we use is cast, as colours we use transparent, black or opaline (white) plexiglass.

Maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning is simply done with a soft cloth dampened with water and no specific products are required.

Dibond is produced with 3mm thick sheets. It is a sandwich structure panel, consisting of two external aluminium sheets of low thickness, heat bonded on a thicker central layer made of synthetic material. Dibond is a fireproof material, for indoor and outdoor use, resistant to atmospheric agents. 

This material can be processed in the desired shape, from the simplest to the most complex, and it is thanks to this flexibility that Dibond can be combined with other materials such as cardboard, backlight or even PVC.

Printing on the dibond board will have a matt finish.

Maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning is simply done with a soft cloth dampened with water and no specific products are required.

PVC is a thermoplastic material made from natural raw materials. The main characteristic is its great versatility of use. Through various production phases it is possible to obtain both flexible and rigid products from PVC. PVC has good mechanical properties and resistance to abrasion, wear and ageing, chemical agents and attack by fungi and bacteria. It is a light, water-repellent, hardly inflammable, self-extinguishing, easily cut and of different thicknesses.

The plastic panels made from expanded or semi-expanded PVC, which we use, can be white or black, but can always be customised through printing.

Maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning is simply done with a soft cloth dampened with water and no specific products are required.

The use and recycling of cardboard combines design and ecology. Starting from square-shaped modules made of cardboard you can create shelves, wardrobes, bookcases and much more, of different sizes according to your needs.
A material that appears to be weak and not very resistant, on the other hand, one of its characteristics is that it is particularly strong, as it is formed by a central corrugated layer, covered by two flat side sheets. In fact, cardboard furniture is just as strong as wooden furniture, top quality cardboard can support weights of up to 2 quintals.

It is a 100% recycled material and thanks to its versatility we can have fun customizing the finished product, with games of colours, but not only! Thanks to the flexibility of combination it can also be combined with other materials. 
And this is how a simple material like cardboard gives birth to an original and design product for your interior decoration.

Wood was one of the first building materials and represented for man the possibility to solve, for many centuries, the most complex structural problems and to produce a multiplicity of tools and objects indispensable to everyday life. Compared to other materials it is easy to work, in fact wood represents one of the raw materials used in construction.
We have always proposed an infinite number of objects and furnishing accessories in wood in various forms using the most varied essences, using it to create the bases of our design lamps, our clocks and many other products.


Tanganyika walnut is a reddish brown wood with a tendency to darken, which grows in the humid forests of the African equatorial belt from Ivory Coast to Kenya. The structure has a straight grain and fine texture. Of average weight and hardness, not very elastic, it is quite easy to work. It is mainly used in fine carpentry, prestige furniture, small carpentry, doors, veneers of various types, skirting boards, wire covers and also for small objects and wood carvings.


The plywood used is natural untreated 4 mm thick with a matt finish and high precision contours thanks to laser cutting, which makes the edges darker. The wood is a natural product and makes each product unique, there may be slight variations in colour and grain compared to the photos shown. 


The walnut wood used for the bases of our Charme Lamps is brown, has a good mechanical residence, is light and the characteristics are maintained discreetly with the passage of time.


Oak is a wood with an excellent balance between refinement and performance. The oak wood used for the bases of our Charme Lamps is brown tending to yellow, has good mechanical resistance, shock resistant, resistant to ageing and weathering.

The self-adhesive films used for the stickers are distributed by one of the world’s most established manufacturers of self-adhesive graphic materials, are moisture-resistant and washable.

The excellent quality of the adhesives supplied by us allows adhesion on almost all surfaces (in addition to walls, doors, furniture or glass) free from dust, grease of all kinds and other impurities that may affect the adhesive power.

Installation of stickersi

Apply the stickers within two weeks after delivery.

If you have just painted the walls, it is recommended to wait at least 3 weeks before applying the stickers so that the paint is completely dry. We do not guarantee complete adhesion on walls painted with a high can content dispersion paint.

Maintenance and cleaning

Wall stickers can be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with water, please pay attention to the corners and edges when cleaning.

Epoxy resin is a two-component chemical compound that goes from the liquid form by processing it to the solid stage by polymerizing, it is a very resistant material to stress, it allows to create any large or small object and to modify or customize already existing objects. The resin is formulated with components with high UV resistance, allowing long-lasting creations over time (low yellowing). Buying objects in resin means enhancing the free expression of the craftsmanship of the product, created with so much passion and commitment.

Maintenance and cleaning

Resin objects can be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with water, please pay attention to the corners and edges when cleaning.

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