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CreartdesignItaly was born from an idea of Luigi and Antonella, starting from the passion for digital printing and creativity, to the desire to propose new ideas, wanting to create trends and spontaneity, designing desirable and surprising products, with geometric shapes that can be admired for its beauty making the environments harmonious but above all unique.
Luigi’s experience, acquired with more than 30 years of work, began as a photo-litist and chromist, moving from pre-press to small and large format digital printing, until he met the young Antonella on his way. With her degree in Interior Design he immediately stood out trying to give a new impulse to the company and highlighting its creative qualities.
Working with a high-level clientele, an e-commerce site was created that proposes and produces handcrafted furnishing accessories, gifts, decorations and lamps in an innovative way, offering its customers unique products, as they are completely handmade and can be customised according to the customer’s requests. These products are created with common materials such as cardboard, plexiglass, dibond, pvc materials, fabrics and wood, as well as fittings for shops, fairs, clubs, wine bars, wine cellars, private homes, theatres and so on.
CreartdesinItaly operates with a precise objective: to spread a style, taste and quality of Made in Italy, offering professionalism and the possibility of a wide range of products that can also be customised.
The company also guarantees a one-to-one relationship with its customers, offering an immediate and professional service by telephone or e-mail from our qualified staff, able to suggest the best solutions in terms of choice of products, finishes and materials.

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