Plexiglass wall clocks

The plexiglass clocks proposed by Creartdesignitaly emerge from the wall as high reliefs, with an elegant design and clean and essential geometric shapes, suitable for environments furnished in a modern or traditional way. They are created entirely in plexiglass with special and inimitable textures. Plexiglass is a plastic material, more correctly defined as “methacrylate”, which hides within it properties that are particularly useful for home furnishing: it is fireproof, weighs much less than glass (about half as much), is impact resistant and can reach the point of being less unbreakable than glass. Thanks to the characteristics of this material the watch will have a polished finish. Plexiglas wall clocks are available in different sizes. To give a touch of colour the hands are available in various colours depending on the model: white, black, red, green, blue, fuchsia, yellow, gold and silver.

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